Frozen & Leaking Pipes

Frozen & Leaking Pipes

Leaking and frozen water pipes are potential causes of catastrophic damage costing tens of thousands of dollars to repair. We’ll help you prevent these issues ever arising. And when the worst does happen – we’ll be there to ensure you won’t experience the same problem again.

If you notice a loss of pressure at your sink or shower during the winter – this can be caused by frozen pipes. We suggest you inspect any exposed pipes. If you see frozen water surrounding a pipe that pipe has likely burst and when the pipe thaws will start leaking into your home. Turn off your main water immediately. Do not attempt to thaw the pipe using a heater or any flame source.

To prevent this problem happening there are a few tips we suggest.

If you expect it to be cold:

  • Turn off the main water valve – you can’t do this if your heating runs on water (e.g. radiators).
  • When leaving your home in the winter – do not let your home go below 55°
  • If the temperatures are expected to go below 20° – ask a neighbor, friend or family member to check on the house regularly.

If you require any help in replacing a frozen or burst water pipe – call us [phone]